Creating a vision board

Yesterday I created a vision board for the first time. Sure, I had heard about vision boards before and been intrigued by them but I had never given it a go. 
A vision board is rather simple. Starting with a blank piece of paper or card, you stick, draw or write anything that you want to do over a certain period of time.

You can fill your board with anything you like, from images and affirmations to quotes, pictures, textures. Use your board to make your goals manifest, it can go from the smallest – books to read – to the largest – change of career, major project to do with the house, holidays…

If you like put on some lovely music in the background and get creative! The internet is full of pictures of everything and anything that you can print, cut and stick on your board. I found the whole process to be a lot of fun and very cathartic. It feels really good to take these ideas and goals that can go around in your mind for weeks or months and to make them real by finding a picture, a word that represent them. There is also something refreshing about using scissors and a glue stick, about physically cutting and sticking things!

The end result is a lovely picture to put wherever you like, ideally somewhere that you can see every day. Mine is where I go and do my yoga. 

I don’t guarantee that everything in the board will come to pass but, going by the past few days – and I know it is early days – it does focus my mind on trying to do a little thing every day towards one of my goals.

One thing I can guarantee though is that it is a lot of fun to do! So why don’t you give it a try? 

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