Inspiration & How to keep it


After spending a day at the Om Yoga Show in London yesterday, it feels right to talk about inspiration.

The Yoga show is one of these places where you can meet a huge number of kindred spirits. People who have the same values and aspirations in life. In this situation, inspiration is easy to find: through a lecture, a chat with a fellow yogi/yogini, while attending a class, or simply through the very fact of spending a day outside of the humdrum of daily life.

On my way back yesterday I was reflecting on inspiration, and why it can be so easy to find and equally easy to lose. How many of us have felt enthusiastic about a new project only to find, a few weeks down the line, that this same project doesn’t figure in our priorities. With this can come guilt and a sense that we have left an opportunity pass.

It happens to me quite a lot, daily life is busy and I can find it hard to sustain momentum on some projects at it is somehow easier to get lost in the day to day repetitive tasks of work, children, house… and repeat!

And yet, when the inspiration is back, life feels more interesting, more real and more organised. With this project or idea in mind, I find it easier to sort out through my tasks between what is really needed or what is superfluous and could wait a little bit.

Inspiration can be found in so many places, usually when we least expect it. There isn’t much I can write about finding inspiration, but keeping the inspiration alive is another matter. This is done through sustained attention to our goals as well as a level of trust that things will work out as they are supposed to.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be posting weekly blogs about inspiration and how to keep it and sustain it in our life to give our best projects and ideas a good go.

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