Keep on moving


Today is my last blog about finding inspiration and keeping it going.

Personally, it is always the second part that causes me the biggest trouble. After a little while of abiding by the principles of following small achievable goals to reach my larger ones, there always comes a time when, either live gets in the way, or I just lose interest and focus.

Let’s face it, it can be easier to go by your daily life without having to find time to achieve a long term goal or follow a dream. I find plenty enough to keep me occupied and entertained with the kids, the house, the Christmas planning! But then, a small part of me is still nagging at me and telling me that there is still that goal ahead of me, that I still want it, even if right now, I can’t seem to find the motivation.

That little voice that you hear in your head can spur you on – which is exactly what you need! But, it can also make you want to put your end under a pillow and forget about reaching for something bigger. This little voice can make you feel guilty, make you feel like what you are doing isn’t worth it, like these little goals are too small to get you anywhere anyway. It reasons with you: “you have enough on your plate”, “it is almost Christmas/Easter/your birthday and you have so much to plan” It can be so convincing that you decide to stop trying to achieve your little goals.

But if you do that, what happens? Well, the answer is, nothing happens. If you keep doing the same thing all of the time, you will keep getting the same thing all of the time. If you want a change in your life, if you want to reach that goal or, at least to get closer to it, you will have to move towards it. The speed at which you do so is irrelevant, providing you keep moving, keep doing your bit, a little at a time, but relentlessly, every week a little bit more, every week living a little bit more of the dream, of the inspiration that got you started in the first place.

As I write this, I am going through one of these moments where my enthusiasm isn’t at its highest. And yet, despite the fact that it was cold, and dark, and that I was tired, I forced myself to sit down, switch on my laptop and started writing. Surprisingly, it felt good, even though I really didn’t feel like doing it. I am proud of myself for having gone over that apathy I felt earlier. The vision that inspires me is still a long way away but, through this act of actually doing what I had meant to do, I didn’t let myself down, I moved in the direction I want to go.

It is important when this happens to take the time to congratulate yourself. Take a minute to pause and think to yourself: I have done it! I was tired, busy,… but I still did it! Well done!” A lot of us might not share our inspirations with others at the beginning so it is crucial to be our own cheerleaders and supporters to keep ourselves going.

To summarise, once you have been inspired by something, it takes good work to reach this place of inspiration. Throughout this journey, some days will be easier than others, there will be times when the inspiration and the will to do is plentiful and others when it is really hard to come by. All through this, keep your head up high, being kind to yourself, treat yourself occasionally, and enjoy the journey. Be aware that each little step that you take is moving you towards your inspiration.

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