Can I start pregnancy yoga if I haven’t done any yoga before?

hands-bumpI am sometimes asked by mums-to-be if they can start yoga when they are pregnant, even if they have never exercised before. Every time my answer is a resounding Yes! Not only is pregnancy yoga a perfectly safe way to exercise when you are pregnant, it also has amazing benefits for the mum-to-be.

At a time when the body is changing dramatically, the yoga poses and movements are designed to help maintain muscle strength and to release tension in achy muscles, especially around the lower back, shoulders and neck. The postures can also help increase stamina and develop a better awareness of the changing body. It is important for mums-to-be to learn to listen to their body and to move in a way that feels right, and pregnancy yoga is the perfect place to do just that.

My classes also include some specific exercises for the pelvic floor and poses than can help promote optimum fœtal positioning.

Breathing techniques (pranayama) and visualisation are used to instil a sense of inner calm that leads to reduced anxiety and improved self-esteem. Pregnancy can sometimes be as stressful time and yoga is an amazing tool to help you keep calm and positive. Turning inwards with a focus on the breath is also an excellent way to connect with Baby

Finally, with tiredness almost unavoidable at some point in pregnancy, the guided relaxation is a chance for the expectant mothers to really get comfy, chill out and let go. It is an opportunity to press “Pause” and to connect with the wonderful miracle that is happening in your body.

These are only some of the physical and emotional benefits of pregnancy yoga. Definitely worth a try I would say!

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