What to expect in my family yoga class?


My family yoga classes are for children aged 4-12 and their grown-ups. They last for 45 minutes which include a warm-up sequence, some poses and games, some breathwork and a relaxation.

You don’t need to be flexible to join! All the games and poses are accessible to all ages and abilities. I use yoga poses either to explore a specific subject (such as gratitude) or to tell a story (such as a journey in the rainforest). Some of the postures are done individually while others are partner work during which parent and child do a yoga pose together. All the poses are taught in different stages so that both adults and children can find a level that is comfortable for them.

Games can include variations of music statues, picking up pompoms with our toes or throwing and catching a scarf, and many other activities. They are all a lot of fun and develop or reinforce the hand-eye coordination of children and parents alike!

Before the relaxation, I usually teach a breathing technique that can be designed either to calm or energise. I encourage children and adults to practise during the class and suggest situations when the technique could be useful (such as to release anger, to help calm down etc).

The relaxation lasts for 5-10 minutes and is designed to relax body and mind. Most people love lying down for the relaxation, but it can also be done sitting up if preferred.

Finally, the session ends with a circle time when adults and children can share how they are feeling and their favourite moment of the class. This is completely optional; some people love sharing and others prefer to listen. Both are absolutely fine.

I hope the above information will be of help in giving you an idea of what is a family class. Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

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