What to expect in a pregnancy class?


I teach my pregnancy classes from my home studio and I provide mats, cushions and blankets. The classes are 75 minutes divided in 60 minutes of yoga and relaxation and 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The classes include some gentle movements that are designed to release tension from your back and abdomen. I also weave into the class some slightly stronger movements that will help maintain your strength and stamina. As in all my classes, you are encouraged to listen to your body when doing any kind of movements to make sure that you remain comfortable throughout the whole class.

Breathwork is another important part of the classes with the emphasis being placed either on bonding with your baby, creating a quiet moment for yourself or learning breathing techniques that can be used during labour.

No pregnancy class would be complete without paying some attention to the pelvic floor. I include movements that will encourage you to develop your awareness of your pelvic floor and to prepare it for childbirth. It is also important to note that a strong pelvic floor tend to recover quicker after delivery.

Finally, the classes end with a 15 minutes relaxation that is perfect to give you time to rest, bond with Baby and replenish your energy level.

Once the relaxation is over, you are invited to have a cup of tea and a biscuit and chat with the other ladies in the class. If you are anything like me, you will love to talk about everything to do with your pregnancy, but there is only so much baby/delivery/pregnancy talk that non-pregnant people can put up with! So this is your opportunity to share your experience with like-minded people.


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