Is the clocks going back affecting you?

Here we are again… The clocks have gone back and it is getting darker earlier and earlier…

I love the summer and I always used to feel a bit down after the clocks had gone back. I say used to because over the years I have put in place a series of little tweeks to my routine that support me during the darker months of the year. 

I still don’t like it, but it doesn’t unsettle me as much as it used to.

Here are some of the things I do and that I invite you to try if, like me, you’re not a fan of the longer evenings.


Scented candles, tealights, pillar candles… It really doesn’t matter what you go for. The change of the clocks takes away some of the sunlight that you have been enjoying during the summer months. The light of the candles invites a little bit of sun in your house in a way that switching the lights on doesn’t capture. 

You can make a ritual out of lighting up your candles around your house when the nights start drawing in. 

Inviting this natural light in your house when it starts to get darker is a subtle way of creating a nurturing and comforting environment while pushing the darkness away.


If you can, go and spend some time in nature during the day.

After the change of the clocks, the days get shorter. Any evening walk that you may do after work is likely to be done in the dark. 

Try and alter your routine by spending some time outside during the day, especially between 12.00-2.00pm when the sun is at its highest.

The sunlight will flood your body with serotonin (the good mood hormone) that will make it easier for you to deal with the longer darkness.

Self care

If you are a sun lover like me, the increasing darkness is going to sap some of your energy away. After the clocks have changed and that the amount of daylight hours is reduced, you are likely to feel more tired, maybe a bit more anxious or depressed.

If that is you, give yourself some love! You are not getting your feel-good boost from the sun anymore, so you need to find it somewhere else. 

Take a moment to think of what makes you feel good? Is it reading a book, doing some baking, having a relaxing bath…?

Experiment and find what works for you to keep you happy and balanced.

Talk about it

You might feel that you are being silly to be affected by the change of the clocks but if you open up about it, you’ll soon notice that you are not the only one!

For years I thought that I was just being overly sensitive. And then I started noticing more and more people around me feeling the same way. 

The great thing about talking about it is that you can discover new and wonderful ways to deal with it

Tratak (aka candle gazing)

This meditation exercise is initially meant to improve your concentration. It consists of looking at a candle, ideally without blinking, for a few minutes every day. 

Tratak has many benefits such as relaxing and calming an anxious mind and improving your clarity of mind.

How to do it:

Place a candle on a low table. Ideally, you want it just below eye level.

Sit comfortably and gaze intently at the flame, trying to keep your eyes open for as long as comfortable.

After some time, allow your eyes to close and visualise the flame in your mind’s eye.

When you lose the image of the flame, open your eyes again and carry on in the same way. 

I hope these tips will help you through the shorter days of autumn and winter. 

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