Do you know when to slow down?

Are you pretty good at knowing when to rest and take some time off?

Or are you one of those people who do more and more and more (usually from a very good place of wanting to be there for others) and end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and tired?

I was teaching as part of a yoga teacher training yesterday and we were exploring the seated twist. 

As we were discussing the pose prior to doing it, one of the senior teachers reminded us of something really important:

There is absolutely no point in pushing ourselves into a yoga pose. 

Most of you who come to my classes are well aware of that fact. 

The body has its own intelligence and will stop before it gets too much. Progress will be made, but not overnight. 

And we learn to make our peace with it.

But are we as good at applying this to our day-to-day life? 

Or do we push ourselves when really we could do with a break?

Do we take too much on because we don’t really want to say no and we end up feeling overwhelmed?

I invite you to extend that same patience and kindness that you demonstrate in your yoga practice to the rest of your life. 

Self-care, relaxation, time off are crucially important for your wellbeing.

Stress is often the root cause of back pain and stiff joints, as much as it is responsible for anxiety or anger. 

The best remedy is to prevent stress from taking over. 

And the best way to do that is by including time to unwind EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Stop reading for a moment and answer this question:

What makes me feel good that I can easily do at home?

Come up with 10-15 answers to that question.

Write them down somewhere that you’ll have pretty much always with you.

Look at the next 5 days and pin down some time every day to do one of these joyful activities.

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to know. x

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