5 breathing techniques for the Mum who Has Too Much on Her Plate

The kids. The job. The house. The partner. And you…

Your life is so busy you are constantly rushing around, with no time to think.

And when you do have time to yourself, a little voice at the back of your head is listing all the things you should be doing instead of sitting down doing “nothing”.

Sounds familiar?

Occasionally, you have a minute to yourself and you wish that things were different.

You imagine what it would be like to

Be calmer

Be happier

Be able to switch off and relax

Reconnect with yourself beyond the many hats you wear : mum, colleague, partner, friend…

These super easy breathing techniques can help you de-stress in all kind of situations:

Use them to avoid raising your voice at the kids,

Just before a meeting at work when your nerves are all tangled up,

When you are stuck in traffic and running late.

No matter where you use them, they are the key to creating yourself some time to reconnect with yourself

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