If you are a busy working mum who is fed up of feeling stressed, tired and overwhelmed, this is the place to be!

The sleepless nights and constant worrying are starting to take their toll on you.

You are always rushing and not having as much fun as before.

Quite the opposite, you have noticed that you have become tense, tearful, tetchy!

And, as a mum, with that comes the guilt!

Your mind is always thinking of the next thing to do and you feel that you have no time to yourself. You are everyone for everybody, but in the middle of it all, you have lost sight of the most important person in your life: YOU!

Imagine what it would feel like after 8 weeks:

What if you could:

  • Reconnect with who you are
  • Have more fun
  • Feel more energised, less stressed, less anxious
  • Ditch the mum guilt
  • Know how to handle the negative voice in your head telling you that you are not enough, that you need to do more, be more
  • Feel comfortable in your body
  • Have a new routine in which you make time for self-care
  • Focus better at work
  • Enjoy your family time without work stuff popping in your mind
  • Relax – without feeling guilty
  • Sleep better

You can decide today to embrace your life.

You can decide today to live your life freely and joyfully.

You can decide to reconnect with YOU, behind the many hats that you wear of mum, friend, partner, colleague.

Why work with me?

Motherhood didn’t come easy to me.

When my first daughter was born, I developed post-natal depression. I was feeling anxious all the time. I had so many nightmare scenarios going through my head that I couldn’t sleep.

Juggling work and family life was hard. I was stressed at home for fear of being late for work and feeling guilty at work for not being with my daughters.

A visit to the doctor changed everything. She suggested I tried yoga. And there started a self-healing journey of yoga, meditation and coaching during which I rediscovered who I am. I remembered that I was enough. I stopped comparing myself to other mums.

Now, as a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and a coach, my goal in life is to work with other women who love their children and their jobs, but have lost themselves.

My vision is to help you (re-)discover the benefits of self-care, self-love and to establish a routine that nourishes you and sustains your emotional and physical wellbeing.

How Chill works

Inspired by my daughter who used to tell me to “Chill!” when I let stress get the better of me, it is a bespoke 1:1 coaching programme that will consider your overall wellbeing.

Over our sessions together, we will look at how you are feeling from a holistic point of view: body, mind and spirit. We will identify together the areas in which you would like to see a change and we will work together to create that change.

Some of the changes we may look at:


Your mindset. The little voice inside your head that gives you a running commentary on your life.

The cult of busy or why is it so hard to find time for self-care.

Mum guilt.

Developing an awareness of your emotions so that you can start responding and stop reacting.


Your stress level and its impact on your body.

Your physical wellbeing: are you comfortable in your body?

Your energy: do you feel tired when you wake up?


Your connection with yourself. Do you remember what lights you up?

Do you have fun regularly?

Do you have a purpose in your life?

What is included:

8 x 45-60 minutes zoom sessions

Email support for the duration of the coaching

Recordings of the session so that you can be fully present without the need to take notes

Separate recordings of any bespoke techniques that we identify might be of help to you


(Payment plans available)

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