Hello, I’m Michèle and I help you feel comfortable in your own body. I teach yoga, meditation and provide wellbeing coaching to help you release stiffness and tension, let go of stress and feel more peaceful, so that you can be happy, calm, relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.

Pop your email address below and I’ll send you regular top tips that will help you to release the stuff that builds up during the day, calm your busy mind, access more peacefulness and keep you flexible, no matter how old or sporty you are – how does that sound?

I have a very relaxed, friendly, “I don’t take myself too seriously” approach to teaching and coaching, which I’ve been told is very approachable and encouraging. I believe that everybody deserves to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, and I am here to help you do just that.

I can’t wait to help you.

Michèle x

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