What the customers say…

“I have been having lessons with Michele for just over a year now. Before we started I couldn’t even touch my toes! Michele has been patient and resourceful and worked hard with me toa point where I can say with pride that I can actually do yoga !! The word ‘cant’ doesn’t exist in our lessons, and I love it! I suffer from back problems and I can say without any doubt that if it wasn’t for Michele and her expert guidance I wouldn’t be able to stand up straight let alone touch my toes; but I can now, thanks to Michele!Michele’sknowledge and versatility ensures I get the very best in my yogic practice – something I never thought I would be able to say! ” Barbara.

“Michele’s yoga classes have enabled me to accept and cope with my illness – Depression and Anxiety. 

I find yoga calming yet also energising and I always come away from sessions feeling more positive about life. I find it hard to practise effectively at home as I never allow myself  time to totally switch off but I often find myself thinking about my breathing and muscle relaxation when I take a few moments to pause and ground myself


 during the day. If I am in a stressful situation I have learnt to take a breath -relax- let unwelcome thoughts pass. 

Over the years I have discovered that yoga isn’t a substitute to medication and more formal psychiatric help but it certainly aids and maintains recovery. 

The Dru Yoga in Michele’s classes is especially good as the gentle flowing movements have a calming effect and the there are no awkward pauses and long holds where your mind could easily wander back to unwanted, unhealthy thoughts.  Practising yoga keeps you in-touch with your body and mind allowing you to discover what helps and calms your own unique and sometimes troubled mind.”

“A wonderful workout for the mind, body and soul! It’s something everyone will benefit from and it’s my little piece of indulgent self-care for the week – thanks to Michele. I would highly recommend.” Natasha

“I originally started yoga as I was looking for a low impact form of exercise as I have chronic arthritis in both my knees. The thing I love about yoga is that it is suitable for anyone regardless of your fitness or mobility.  I also really enjoy  the visualisation part of yoga , bringing in positive thoughts and pushing out negative ones. This has really helped me deal with stressful situations and I use it all the time even when I’m not at yoga! By the time I have finished Micheles class I feel totally relaxed and I always sleep really well that night. I love the yoga classes and would recommend it to anyone.”

“I had tried yoga before but never enjoyed it as much as I do with Michele, so now I have been attending her classes and workshops for over a year.  I particularly like the flowing nature of what we do.  It is a great way to gently stretch and balance the body and mind.  Everyone does what feels right for their body and there is no pressure to push yourself into positions that do not feel right for you.  Michele is a very encouraging teacher and the classes are very relaxed and welcoming.” Liz

“I really look forward to my weekly yoga class with Michèle, whose cheerful enthusiasmand calm, clear instructions make her a great yoga teacher. As for so many, my working life involves sitting for long hours at a computer, and the Dru Yoga sequences of stretches and poses that gently and achievably manage to work every long-forgotten muscle have been an essential balancing part of my working week 4 years now. Topped up with  a few remembered poses at home, I feel the benefits all week and I hate missing Michèle’s yoga class. ” Lesley


“Michele’s teaching and classes are filled with Illuminating demonstration, clear instruction, positive encouragement and meaningful adjustments throughout. Michele encourages us to explore postures and not to adopt a one size fits all approach, making for safer and personally beneficial practice for all. From the very first class I have enjoyed Michele’s enthusiasm, patience and demeanour. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.” Toni 

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