The 15-minute oasis: A meditative journey to stress-free living

What is stress costing you?

Is it affecting your sleep?

Are you short-tempered with your friends and family?

Maybe you don’t remember the last time you sat down and chilled for more than 5 minutes?

Do you constantly worry about what might happen if…?

Do you feel overwhelmed as soon as something goes slightly wrong?

Stress can affect every area of your life.

And by reducing your stress, in just 15 minutes/day, you’ll quickly feel the benefits:

You will sleep better and have more energy.

You will be in a better mood and have better relationships with your nearest and dearest.

Your resistance to stress will increase and you’ll be in a much better place to deal with the stuff that comes your way.

You will be more relaxed and you’ll finally be able to sit down and just enjoy a tea or coffee without a massive to-do list running through your mind.


Watching a movie without thinking about work.

Finally enjoying your weekends without worrying too much about Monday

Being happier, laughing more, enjoying life so much more.

Left alone, stress can feel like a huge grey cloud that makes everything look threatening. It can take the fun out of your life.

But there is a solution…

In 15 minutes/day for 5 days, you can reduce the impact of stress on your life through simple, accessible guided meditations.

Join me on the 17th July on Facebook for 5 days that will help you feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

The meditations will be held in a private Facebook group and will remain available in the group until the 22nd July.

The live times for the meditations are as follows but don’t worry if you can’t make the lives as the recordings will remain in the group:

Monday 17th July: 7.45-8.00amĀ 

Tuesday 18th July: 12.15-12.30pm

Wednesday 19th July: 7.45-8.00am

Thursday 20th July: 9.15-9.30pm

Friday 21st July: 12.15-12.30pm

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