About me

Hi, I’m Michèle

I can honestly say that yoga has changed my life.

I always was the awkward kid. Slightly chubby, shy and bullied to top it all up.

As an adult, I didn’t like myself and I didn’t believe in myself.

I became more and more anxious, and yet nobody could have guessed as I put on a very good show of pretending that everything was fine.

I was the master at smiling while underneath I felt anxious and miserable.

When my daughter was born, the anxiety and the low self-esteem became too much.

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was comfort eating. I would waste hours googling symptoms as I was convinced that something bad would happen either to me or to my daughter.

My doctor, in her infinite wisdom, suggested that I start to do some yoga.

So off I went, initially thinking that it would be a good way of getting back to my pre-baby shape (not that I liked my pre-baby shape but at least I would lose some weight).

I soon realise that there was more to yoga than getting stretched and toned.

I kept going back every week and little by little I noticed that I started to see things a bit differently:

I wasn’t so hard on myself

I could tell my inner critic to keep quiet

I started to feel better in my body and to actually start to like it even!

Yoga changed my life.

It helped me change the way I look at myself and the way I look at the world.

I am now a much more positive person than I ever was before,

I have a lot more energy than I had when I was younger (and that’s despite having 2 children by now!)

As a yoga and meditation teacher and coach, my vision is to help you free yourself from the fear and the worry so that you can truly live a joy-filled life.

Click on the link below to organise a chat if you’d like to discuss how we could work together to help you live the happy & joyful life that you deserve:

“We don’t realise that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.” From Eat, Pray, Love

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