Treelight Yoga

Free yourself from stress and be more energised

Juggling the kids, a house, a job… no wonder we get stressed.

And what happens when you get stressed?

You don’t sleep as well

You don’t have any patience for anything or anyone

You get grumpy at the kids more than normal

You keep thinking of work stuff when at you are home and supposed to relaxed.

Now imagine…

Imagine waking up and not having to drag yourself out of bed

Imagine enjoying your time at home – without thinking of work

Imagine smiling at the kids and letting go of the little things

Imagine feeling happy and free

A regular yoga practice can help you do all these things.

In just a few weeks, you will feel more energised and you will find yourself being calmer and happier.


I started yoga just after my first daughter was born to deal with the stress brought in by a baby in the house. 

I used to go to a weekly class and started to feel so much more relaxed. I would sleep better and was less anxious.

But the real magic happened a few years later when I started to do a little bit of yoga at home most mornings. 

I realised after a few weeks that I wasn’t getting as stressed out at the girls (my second one was born by then). Before yoga, I could easily raise my voice at them (eek!) but it didn’t seem to happen as much.

And then I noticed that when something happened that would normally have got me angry or stressed, it felt as if I had a choice. 

There was like a little space opening in my mind after whatever incident had happened and, in that space, I could choose. 

Choose to lose it, or not! 

It made such a difference to my life and my family’s.

So much so that I decided to become a yoga teacher to help other women feel calmer, more relaxed and ultimately much happier!

My vision is to help you de-stress so that you have more energy and more fun.


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