Treelight Yoga

If you are a busy mum who is always rushing and you want to reconnect with yourself and become calmer and happier, you are in the right place.

Juggling the kids, a house, a job…

You find yourself rushing from one thing to the next.

And at the end of a long day, you can’t switch off.

Your mind is constantly thinking of the next thing that needs to be done!

You feel that you have no time to yourself.

You are dealing with everybody else’s stuff and you have no time to reset!

Your days off are interrupted by thoughts about the amount of work you’ll find when you get back in the office…

Now imagine…

Imagine being able to focus at work without worrying about what you need to do at home

Imagine enjoying your time at home – without thinking of work

Imagine reconnecting to yourself, and for a while not being the mum, partner, friend but YOU.

Imagine feeling happy and free

A regular yoga practice can help you do all these things.

In just a few weeks, you will notice that you rush around less and you will find yourself being calmer and happier.

This is where I come in…

My vision is to support you in becoming the calmer, happier you with easy proven techniques and ongoing support.


The Calm & Happy Mum Membership

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1:1 or Group Yoga classes

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I started yoga just after my first daughter was born to deal with the stress brought in by a baby in the house. 

I used to go to a weekly class and started to feel so much more relaxed. I would sleep better and was less anxious.

But the real magic happened a few years later when I started to do a little bit of yoga at home most mornings. 

I realised after a few weeks that I wasn’t getting as stressed out at the girls (my second one was born by then). Before yoga, I could easily raise my voice at them (eek!) but it didn’t seem to happen as much.

I wouldn’t rush around telling everybody to hurry up constantly anymore.

I noticed that when something happened that would normally have got me angry or stressed, it felt as if I had a choice. 

There was like a little space opening in my mind after whatever incident had happened and, in that space, I could choose. 

Choose to lose it, or not! 

It made such a difference to my life and my family’s.

So much so that I decided to become a yoga teacher to help other women feel calmer, more relaxed and ultimately much happier!