Treelight Yoga

Free yourself from stress and worries to feel

happy, calm and confident

Sometimes we get stressed – and we carry on as if it was normal.

Little by little we might notice a few changes:

  • Tension in the shoulders and lower back
  • Feeling anxious or easily upset
  • Difficulty switching off and relaxing
  • Finding it hard to fall asleep
  • Starting to doubt ourselves, which makes taking decisions a nightmare

Yoga is being recommended more and more by GPs as a way to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

I offer you a holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing so that you can start to feel more comfortable in your body, have a quieter mind and feel more confident.

Yoga can be your way to bring ease into your life once again.

Through accessible yoga classes I help you connect back to a feeling of inner calm, ease and confidence in your body and your mind.

Some of the benefits that my clients are getting from working with me

  • Increased calm
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Happier and with a more positive outlook on life
  • More self-confidence
  • A more comfortable body with less achy joint and less muscle tension


I started yoga in my 30s to try and get over my anxiety.

I had had anxiety for years and I was fed up of the constant worrying while pretending that everything was fine. I was tired of waking up in the morning and starting the day absolutely fine, only to find that a random comment or something that I saw on TV was enough to send me spiralling down into negative thinking and fear.

I just wanted to be happy.

And at the time, happiness for me was simply going through the day without that pit of worry, fear and “I’m not good enough” at the bottom of my stomach.

Yoga changed everything for me.

I didn’t know much about yoga when I first started. I only hoped that it would help.

And it was like magic.

I started to feel calmer and more comfortable in my body and with myself.

My anxiety started to lessen.

I started to feel more positive about life, about the future and about my ability to actually be happy and have fun. God, I had missed having fun!

I had to become a yoga teacher! It was an evidence for me that I had to share something that amazing with others.

That’s how Treelight Yoga started.

My vision is to guide you to release stress, worries and anxiety so that you can feel calmer, more confident and happier.


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