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Act like a 4-year-old

A couple of weeks ago, I took part in a 1-day yoga training around the theme of creativity.  Creativity is essential to our mental wellbeing as being involved in something creative focuses the mind and can have the same relaxing effects on the body/mind than a meditation.  Creativity also has a positive effect on anxiety,Continue reading “Act like a 4-year-old”

It just has to be right!

Does this sound familiar? You have planned something, done it as well as you could, asked for feedback, changed a few things to make it just right, got some new feedback (this time all positive), made it that little bit better… and yet, you still find yourself wondering if it is good enough. Does thatContinue reading “It just has to be right!”

Energy thieves

Last week, we looked at what gives us energy, from food to correct breathing and the right kind of exercise. But have you ever wondered why some days you feel more energetic than others? What takes our energy away from us? The first thing that comes to mind is work and/or study. Obviously, after aContinue reading “Energy thieves”

What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga isn’t the best known of yoga styles, even though it is slowly increasing in name and popularity. The first time I went to a Dru Yoga class, I fell in love with the combination of flowing sequences,  breath and visualisation. By using these three elements, a Dru Yoga class takes you away fromContinue reading “What is Dru Yoga?”

How do we meditate

Last week, we looked at what meditation is and what are the amazing benefits we can all get from it once we start meditating The question now is: how do we meditate? Meditation is an amazingly wide area and there are many different techniques and approaches to meditation. In this article, I am intending toContinue reading “How do we meditate”

Why do we meditate?

Meditation conjures up images of people sitting with their legs crossed on a yoga mat. It is often equated to emptying the mind of all thoughts. But what is meditation really? And why do we meditate? First of all, let’s look at what meditation isn’t: Meditation isn’t about reaching a blank mind.Meditation is about lettingContinue reading “Why do we meditate?”

Express yourself

Sometimes, live throws stuff at you that you really don’t feel ready to handle. It can be a change in work circumstances, health or something more personal and we fall to pieces. When something drastic happens, most of us go in fight or flight mode and start reacting by trying to find solutions, trying toContinue reading “Express yourself”

Keep on moving

Today is my last blog about finding inspiration and keeping it going. Personally, it is always the second part that causes me the biggest trouble. After a little while of abiding by the principles of following small achievable goals to reach my larger ones, there always comes a time when, either live gets in theContinue reading “Keep on moving”

Go and get inspired

As I wrote last week, inspiration can be found all around us. You can come back fully energised and inspired from a holiday or you can find the same kind of inspiration from watching Youtube videos from your living room. Inspiration is a very personal thing and most of us will come upon it byContinue reading “Go and get inspired”


Hands into prayer position in front of the heart, gently bowing the head down and saying “Namaste”. A common picture in yoga classes and I finish some of my classes with this greeting but what does it mean? Namaste is a sankrit word. It can be split into namah, which means “salutation” and te, whichContinue reading “Namaste”


“We can never truly fail as there are no errors in the system”, Mansukh Patel. A few weeks ago I started a new routine, trying to find some extra time to practise breathing exercises every day. Since my mornings are already pretty full, I decided to do these exercises in the evening. I stuck atContinue reading “Perseverance”


At the beginning of each yoga class, I invite my students to stand in Tadasana, the mountain pose. As they stand still, I bring their attention to their feet, to the contact with the mat. I take it further and ask them to imagine that they are on the bare earth, breathing in the energyContinue reading “Grounding”

Waking up mindfully

I started an experiment last Monday. After years of waking up to reach for the alarm and get up in a slight daze to start my yoga routine, which would then wake me up fully and get my day started right, I have decided to experiment with waking up mindfully. Waking up mindfully means wakingContinue reading “Waking up mindfully”

Doing the Unexpected

This morning, I went for an unplanned walk. After dropping my daughters at school, I didn’t go straight back home to switch on my computer and get on with my daily activities, I decided to go for a little walk. The weather was mild and the walk thoroughly enjoyable. I walked slowly, looking at theContinue reading “Doing the Unexpected”

More than flexibility

This afternoon there was a power cut while I was at work. Whereas I was happy sitting and enjoying doing nothing, most of my colleagues were looking for things to do, tidying up their desks, walking restlessly around the office… As I was sitting, revelling in the peace and quiet, I realised that the joyContinue reading “More than flexibility”

A pause

Day to day life: working, playing with the kids, cooking, going out with friends, cleaning the house, looking after the garden… A series of activities that follow each other, more or less smoothly, some pleasant, some less so. They follow each other seamlessly, a long stream of things to do and very little empty, unusedContinue reading “A pause”

Trying something new

This week, I tried something completely new. The last time I tried a new kind of exercise was eight years ago when I started practising yoga. I walked into a class not knowing what to expect and never looked back since. Eight years on and a yoga teacher, I am now practising yoga every day,Continue reading “Trying something new”

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