Why do they call it “autumn”?

I’m not actually talking about the season!

I’m talking about a woman’s life after she reaches 45 and starts peri-menopause/menopause.

Why is it that when we turn 45 we are in the autumn of our life?

That would be make our teenage years spring.

Anytime from 20-40ish, summer.

Now autumn and then what…

Winter and desolation?

I don’t think so!

The opportunity of ageing

I was having a chat about life and yoga yesterday with some people.

One lady, in her 50s, was radiant. She was smiling, radiating with health and happiness.

For her, this time of her life was THE BEST!

She loves the opportunities that come with ageing. 

What she called the freedom to explore new things, to seek more knowledge.

She described at as “So freeing”.

I much prefer the sound of that. 

So forget about autumn.

Let’s rename it the Second Spring.

And if you are in this phase of your life, I have just published a brand new yoga video especially for you to honour this phase of our life and celebrate our inner strength and flow.

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