Why do they call it “autumn”?

I’m not actually talking about the season! I’m talking about a woman’s life after she reaches 45 and starts peri-menopause/menopause. Why is it that when we turn 45 we are in the autumn of our life? That would be make our teenage years spring. Anytime from 20-40ish, summer. Now autumn and then what… Winter and desolation?Continue reading “Why do they call it “autumn”?”

“Give to others and give to yourself the same attention.”

Have you heard of Yogi Tea?  They are a brand of lovely herbal teas that all have a little uplifting message on the tag attached to each teabag. Yesterday afternoon, I happened to be in Folkestone with a friend and we wandered into a lovely little shop that sold a whole range of the teas,Continue reading ““Give to others and give to yourself the same attention.””