Be here now

Has it ever happened to you to go out for a lovely walk in the woods or the fields, only to realise half way through that a squirrel could jump in front of you and you wouldn’t even notice as you are so deep in your thoughts?

We all do it. 

We go over things that have happened in the past or we start thinking ahead to the future.

The result can be overwhelming

With so many thoughts going around your mind, no wonder that you feel tired, stressed and sometimes overwhelmed without really knowing why. 

Mental fatigue is real!

What’s the solution?

Cultivating a habit of being present with what you are doing right here, right now is the best way to stop the overwhelm and the whirlwind of thoughts. 

Not an easy one!

A good starting point is to pick one daily activity that you can do while being really aware of what you are doing. Such as brushing your teeth, or taking the very first sip of your tea/coffee/hot beverage of choice in the morning.

New video: Be here now

To help you along the way, I have just published on Youtube a 15 minutes video that will help you get out of your head and come back to your body and this present moment. 

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