“Give to others and give to yourself the same attention.”

Have you heard of Yogi Tea? 

They are a brand of lovely herbal teas that all have a little uplifting message on the tag attached to each teabag.

Yesterday afternoon, I happened to be in Folkestone with a friend and we wandered into a lovely little shop that sold a whole range of the teas, including my favourite one: Classic.

Today, I opened the first teabag after lunch and its little message read:

“Give to others and give to yourself the same attention.”

Now, that was interesting!

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic at home and, as per usual, when things get a bit too busy for me, I forget about self-care and I look after everybody else because… they need me!

So I had completely forgotten about my needs.

The result:

  • Very tired!
  • An ear infection that caused me to cancel a class and to skip on running last night
  • Feeling very emotional

Not worth it!

So I’m hoping this will serve as a gentle reminder to those of you reading who like me, have a tendency to put others first.

So how will you give to yourself today?

And to help you with that, here is the link to a 3 minutes standing meditation/body scan that is perfect to help you turn your attention back to you and to tune in to how you are feeling:

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