Can I start yoga at any age?


I am regularly asked that specific question and the answer is – quite simply – yes you can!

Yoga is amazing for your body and mind, no matter your age or how long ago you have started. Beginner or experienced, young or less young, everybody can benefit from a yoga class.

The key is to move in a way that feels comfortable to you and to respect the way your body is feeling at the time of the class. If you move in a way that feels right, you are likely to soon notice that your body becomes more comfortable: you can feel an increased flexibility in your joints and less of those niggly little aches and pains.

Regardless of your age, yoga can also bring a sense of peace and calm in your life. It can be a chance for you to replenish yourself and treat yourself to some me-time that will then enable you to give even more to your family and friends.

So, don’t let a date on your passport stand between you and a desire to give yoga a try, go for it!

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