5 ways to train your mind to be more positive

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time these past few days. 

November for me is rarely a happy month. It starts with All Saints’ Day and memories of loved ones who are not with me anymore. And with every passing day, it gets a little bit darker. The joy of it all! 😉

I know some people love it.

One of my friends this morning was telling me how much she enjoys this time of year. Personally, I would happily move to Australia and come back to the Northern hemisphere in March! 

That solution isn’t quite practical, so I’ve had to figure out different ways of coping with this time of year. And not just coping, but actually trying to enjoy what this season has to offer.

Thankfully my yoga and meditation are full of inspiration and techniques for that, so here are some that work for me, and that I hope will work for you too!

Start the day with an affirmation

It is hard to wake up happy and full of energy at the moment, isn’t it! It is dark and cold in the mornings and it is easy to start the day feeling down.

What I have been doing is, as soon as I wake up, even before I get out of bed, I affirm to myself something positive. 

This morning was: “I am happy, I am healthy, I am supported.

You can choose whatever affirmation works for you.

Starting the day with a positive affirmation will help you shake a bit of that darkness and low mood and help you lift your energy to somewhere more positive.

At any time during the day, when you feel that your mood is shifing again, feel free to come back to the affirmation to give you a little boost.


When the mind gets in a negative, low mood space, movement is the best way out. Do some yoga, go for a walk, have a boogie in the living room…

Any movement that feels good and comfortable for you is great! It will lift your mood, get some good mood hormones flowing through your body and shift your mindset instantly.


Sometimes you might find that the negative voice in your head doesn’t want to leave you alone

If that’s the case, take a few moments to journal.

Grab a pen and paper and start writing for 3-5 minutes, without stopping. Just let the words flow on the sheet of paper without paying any attention to spellings, punctuation or grammar. 

Use this exercise to empty your mind of what is weighing you down. This exercise can lead to some tears being shed and if that’s the case, go with it. It is just your body releasing the negative emotion.

This exercise can also give you some insight in what is troubling you and what you could do to help yourself. 

Show yourself some love

Self-care is key to navigate the winter months if you are not a winter person.  

Show yourself some love every day by making the time to do something that you love, that lights you up and makes you feel good. 

Read a book, have a hot chocolate, treat yourself to a mini spa… The possibilities are really endless.

Take the time every day to treat yourself. You deserve it. And showing yourself some love and care is good for the mood!


The Scandinavian countries have the concept of hygge, which is all to do about creating a feeling of cosiness and comfort in your home. And that cosy feeling around you creates a sense of contentment and well-being. 

I mean, what is better than snuggling on the sofa with a blanket while holding a warm cup of tea in your hands? 

So, get your candles out, have a blanket and a cushion or two on the sofa, get the fairy lights out to light up your house and create cosy, inviting, nurturing atmosphere. 

You want your house to feel like a cocoon that surrounds you and your family. 

So there we are, affirmations, movements, journaling, self-care and hygge…

These are my keys to lifting my mood when the grey skies and the shorter days get to me.

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