5 hobbies to release stress

England is in the middle of its second lockdown. The weather isn’t particularly inviting – and you have more time on your hands.

Working from home can be much more comfortable and easier than going to the office. But it has its downsides: it can feel more isolating; it can create stress when you wait for people to get back to you and you don’t have the chance to vent at the coffee machine as you normally would!

Result: you build up stress and you don’t have many opportunities to release it. And if your significant other is also working from home, that can be a recipe for disaster!

The first thing to do is to take time to yourself so that you can unwind. 

And here are some suggestions that are great at releasing stress:


There are so many great books and ebooks. And if you are not an avid reader, you can opt for an audio book.

Books are great at changing your state of mind by taking you far, far away from your daily activities.


Yoga is another great tool to change your state of mind and release the stress. Opt for a gentle class that will help your body let go of the stress and that will bring your mind to a peaceful, quiet place. 

For a relaxing yoga experience, join me from the 25th to the 29th November for the 5 days to a Calmer You challenge.

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Dancing can be invigorating, relaxing, uplifting! And you don’t have to be worthy of Strictly to start!

One of my teachers was telling me that the best music to cheer us up is whichever music we used to listen to as teenagers. It takes us back to a time when, for most of us, things were much simpler and carefree.

As an 80s child, I have experimented with an 80s playlist and I can tell you that it works! 

So have a go, find a playlist, make some space in the living room or the bedroom and let your body move. 


Even if the weather isn’t great, walking is one of the best physical exercise you can do both for your body and your mind.

As you walk, observe what is around you, notice what makes you feel good. If you are feeling upset by something, taking your attention to your surroundings will help you snap out of it. 

If your mind is relatively peaceful, let it wander. Don’t underestimate the positive benefits of a little bit of daydreaming. 

Do something creative 

Bake, try your hand at painting by number or at mindful colouring.

Anything creative and a little bit challenging will bring your mind fully to what you are doing. And there is something really therapeutic at creating something with your hands, plus if you have opted for the baking, you’ll have yummy treats to enjoy!

The lockdown can be an opportunity for you to discover something new that you enjoy doing and that helps you cope with stress and anxiety.

For me, yoga has been one of the keys to my journey from stress and anxiety to feeling happy, calm and – almost – carefree.

In my FREE 5 Days to a Calmer You online challenge, I’ll be taking you on a similar journey. You will release the stress, connect to a place of calm and peace inside you so that you can embrace life fully. When you learn to let go of your stress, you can handle life’s challenges so much better. And there are quite a few of them at the moment!

So if you’d like to stop feeling worried and tense, and you’d love to feel light, happy and calm, join me on the 25th.

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