You are Enough. Yes, you are!

“I’m not good at this.”

“I could never do that.”

“Wow, better put some serious make up on before going out!”

How many times a week, or a day, do you tell yourself something like that?

And how does that make you feel?

I know it used to make me feel rubbish. And not surprising either, how are you going to be happy with yourself and your life if you keep pulling yourself down?

Now, have you ever seen a very young child lacking in self-confidence?? 

Most young children I have been around have no fear, no limitations, no shame. They are just themselves, and that is enough!

Some of them grow up keeping that inner self-confidence. And they are easy to recognise as adults, they:

            Value themselves and their opinions

            Make choices based on the knowledge that they can do pretty much anything they put their mind to

            Have relationships built on mutual trust and love rather than a sense of needing another person

            Treat mistakes and “failures” as stepping stones

            Enjoy life for all it has to offer

Some of you might have unlearned that inner self-confidence that is your birth right and you find yourself full of fear, doubt, stress and anxiety.

As a recovered “I am not good enough for this” girl, I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can rewire your brain to uproot the limiting beliefs and fill yourself with a new confidence so that, you too, can live your life from a place of strength and not a place of fear anymore.

How do you go about doing that I can hear you ask??

Well, there are no magical “click your fingers and it’s done” remedies but more of a journey of self-discovery to 

Release the fear and the stress both at the physical and emotional levels

            No surprises here, yoga is amazing at easing physical tension. It also goes much deeper than that. Every yoga move or sequence is an opportunity to release negative emotions.

Replace the limiting beliefs with supportive, empowering ones

            Again, yoga and meditation are amazing tools for that. So is journaling and talking to a supportive friend or working with a coach.

Rebuild your trust in yourself 

            This can be done through yoga, meditation and learning the value of self-care

By combining yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and introspection, you can change your mind so that it supports you rather than takes you down. 

In my new Facebook group, You are enough, I will be helping you along the way. 

And it all starts tomorrow, 1st December with a 12 days video series in the Facebook group. Every day, you will learn a new, short (5 minutes max.) technique that will help you in your journey to knowing that You Are Good Enough!!

Join me in the group today.

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