A lesson from the bluebells

I went for a walk in the woods with the dogs yesterday afternoon. It had been a while since I had stepped in there. The last few weeks had been far too muddy.

So, there I was walking and looking around, when I noticed that the green leaves of the bluebells had started to come out.

Spring is around the corner. It’s now official!

And it made me think of you – and of me.

Over the winter, no sign of bluebells. 

They are underground, chilling (literally!) until it starts to get warm enough to start peeking out. 

They have their season.

And it is like that for us. 

We have times when we don’t feel energised, when we feel like getting up in the morning is enough of an effort and we don’t really want to do much more with the rest of the day. The cold and dark mornings of winter really don’t help either.

But that’s ok. 

For a lot of us, as the days start to get longer and sunnier, our energy levels start to rise. 

We feel happier, more awake and more in the mood to actually do things. 

So, don’t beat yourself up if (or should I say when) you go through a phase of feeling tired and not wanting to do anything. 

You are resting. 

Like the bluebells in winter, you can’t be expected to be at the top of your form constantly.

Our society is very much into doing-doing-doing but just because others are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to! 

If you want to rest, rest. 

If you feel tired, rest.

And don’t go calling yourself lazy, or anything like that. 

You are not. 

You are just nourishing yourself, replenishing your batteries before moving on naturally to doing other things.

Recognise and appreciate the phases.

Nobody can do, do, do all the time.

Sometimes, you just have to be.

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