The secret to fighting stress, anxiety and overwhelm

Is feeling stressed and overwhelmed almost “normal” for you?

Are you fed up with your anxiety influencing the decisions that you make?

Would you like to feel calmer and more relaxed?

I can hear you say yes from here!

And if I were to tell you that confidence is the key to managing your anxiety and feeling calmer, how does that sound??

I remember not seeing the link at the beginning.

For me there was the anxiety on one side, which I had to try and manage somehow, and the lack of confidence in myself to another side. 

And I wasn’t paying the confidence part of things much attention since I was so busy trying to manage my anxiety… 

It took me a long time to realise that both are very closely linked. And developing confidence definitely lowers anxiety.

Look at it this way, why do we feel anxious?

Usually, because we project ourselves in a situation and are scared of it because we don’t think we’ll be able to handle it.

We make up nightmare scenarios and we don’t give ourselves any credit to do anything. 

I remember years ago feeling increasingly anxious as we were getting closer to going on holiday. I worried that either me or my family might get sick before we had to leave and  that we would then miss on the holiday, have to get a refund….

For weeks I tortured myself – and my family – with that. 

And then, it happened. 

A bug. 

My daughter and my husband were all unwell and I was the only one left standing.

There I was in my nightmare scenario. 

Did I panic? 

No, I cancelled the booking and got a refund. 

I looked after everybody else marvelling at how relatively relaxed and efficient I was now that I was in that nightmare scenario.

Why was that?

Well, when my anxiety was talking, I was just focusing on the possibility of the problem, never did my actual ability to cope got a look in.

Faced with what had been scaring me for weeks, I coped.

I have come across several people who had the same experience. 

We just didn’t believe in our ability to cope. 

We didn’t have confidence in ourselves. 

Now, if we were to change that. If we were to build that confidence in ourselves, we would be a lot less scared, a lot less anxious. 

And how do you do that I hear you say?

Over the years, I have discovered the perfect combination of yoga, meditation and journaling to build confidence and overcome anxiety.

With specific yoga movements, you release the physical manifestations of stress and free up trapped energy.

With meditation, you learn to calm your mind and make it into your ally rather than your enemy.

As for journaling, it is a great tool to unpick the limiting beliefs and reveal to you the blind spots that might be holding you back from feeling truly calm and confident.

All the techniques can be done as a whole or when needed. Even now, if my anxiety crops up, I dip into these tools to quickly move myself to a more positive state of mind.

On the 11th January, I am running a 5 day FREE confidence yoga challenge during which I will teach you some of the techniques that I have seen work both for me and for some of my clients. 

Click on the link below to sign up.

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