Go and get inspired


As I wrote last week, inspiration can be found all around us. You can come back fully energised and inspired from a holiday or you can find the same kind of inspiration from watching Youtube videos from your living room. Inspiration is a very personal thing and most of us will come upon it by chance, when we are not looking for it.

I have noticed certain activities that have helped me to connect with my inspiration. Maybe some of these will work for you too.

Personally, I find that my daily meditation practice helps me connect with my inspiration by quieting my mind. I find it helps me to let go of the usual reservations placed upon my choices by fear and practicalities. I have a better idea of what I want to do and can get insight on how to get there.

Walking is another good way to connect with inspiration. I can let my mind gently wander as I walk, opening it up to what is around me. When doing this though, I have to watch my mind to rein it in if it starts going over my to do list or goes over and over again something that bothered me during the day.

I am a real book worm and have found that books are such wonderful sources of inspiration on different subjects from attitude to live to decorating and cooking. It doesn’t matter if what sparks your interest is life changing or not. Inspiration is all about being energised in what you are doing.

The common point in all these activities is that they take me out of my day to day rhythm. They give my mind that little bit of space and time for it to open up and start looking at things differently.

So I’ll invite you all to get walking, reading, meditating or whatever else works for you to help your mind relax and open up to new possibilities.

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